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We specialize in providing comprehensive and professional repair and regeneration of converters. We have a new and professional regeneration line produced by Kinergo. We dispose of the two burners welding machine, which allows to maximize the accuracy of bonding of the halves of the converter. We have a device for axial clearance testing, leak testing, setting the preload lock- up in modern converters and the balancer. We use the highest quality materials that ensure a long-term performance and reliability of remanufactured converters.

We are the only company in Poland, which has been selected by Ravenol to design and manufacture the equipment for a dynamic oil change, which is sold as an official device of Ravenol worldwide.

In our offer you will find the products of Ravenol company:

- dynamic oil change device and its spare parts

- ATF oils for the automatic transmissions

- motor oils for cars

- motor oils for trucks

- filters for the automatic transmissions

- regenerated and new converters for all types of gearboxes

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